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The Lakes now available to help sign up for BC Plus Basic

June 3, 2010

Benefit Counselor Rachel Coughtry helps a young woman fill out BadgerCare application.

As of June 1, 2010, The Lakes Community Health Center (CHC), with locations in Iron River and Ashland, will be available to help people complete applications to get on the BadgerCare Core Plan waitlist, sign-up for BadgerCare Plus Basic and submit their paperwork to BadgerCare.

Unveiled in late January 2010, BadgerCare Plus Basic is a new self-funded health care plan for adults without dependent children who are on the state health care waiting list. BadgerCare Plus Basic will provide enrollees with limited access to physicians, hospital services, generic prescriptions and catastrophic coverage, and will be paid for entirely through a monthly premium of $130.

Reba Rice, Executive Director for The Lakes CHC is hopeful that some people currently on the Core Plan waiting list will be able to take advantage of the Basic Plan, though, she said it’s unlikely that many of those in the lowest income brackets will be able to budget for the monthly premium expense.

“We see two potential target populations for this type of coverage,” Rice said. “Qualified, low-income people interested in a catastrophic “bridge” plan in case of a serious health care situation, and those on the Core waiting list who are hoping to connect to fuller coverage through the Core Plan down the road.”

The Basic plan is not designed to be a long-term health coverage plan, but instead will be a bridge plan to keep individuals healthy while they wait for space in the BadgerCare Plus Core Plan.

“As a Community Health Center, we are proudly included in the state’s publicized network of providers available to those without insurance,” Rice said. “We will continue our work to help the uninsured receive the primary medical, dental and behavioral health care they need.”

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