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Dr. A.A. Koeller

April 29, 2011

Dr. A.A. Koeller



Dr. A.A. Koeller began practicing family medicine in Ashland at the Smiles Clinic (which later became St. Luke’s Chequamegon Clinic) right out of his residency in 1962. A graduate of UW Madison, Dr. Koeller began working as a Preceptor for medical students in 1974, and continued with that valuable service up to his retirement from Chequamegon Clinic in 2010, after almost 50 years of distinguished service. Also during that time, Dr. Koeller served as Medical Director for Ashland County Jail and Health and Human Services. Currently, in his “retirement” he works three days a week at The Lakes offering primary care services to patients in Iron River, WI. Still in peak physical form, in his free time Dr. Koeller sails, skis, bikes, does pilates and yoga, and gardens.


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