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National Health Center Mobilization Call-In Day is TODAY

June 30, 2011
The Lakes CHC invites you to join us in an effort sponsored by NACHC to remind legislators that, especially in tough economic times, CHCs and other safety net providers are more critical than ever, and that our budgets should not be slashed. Cutting our very small budgets saves very little money in the short term, and results in medium and long term health care expenses that are entirely unsustainable. Our current financial crisis should not be resolved by cutting proven, effective and efficient programs that serve our mist vulnerable community members.
Here’s how you can help:


1) Call the toll free NACHC Advocacy Hotline at 1-866-456-3949. Follow the instructions to make your calls. Be sure to stay on the line at the end of each conversation to be automatically connected to your next policymaker. The message NACHC wants us to share is this:

“Do not undermine the successful Health Centers program as you negotiate Medicaid changes and cuts to the federal budget. The health and lives of our families and our neighbors should not be negotiated away. I am counting on your support for my Health Center”.


2) Call the White House Comment Line at 1-202-456-1111

When you call the White House Comment line it may take a few moments to be connected to a LIVE OPERATOR, but you WILL be connected and be able to leave a message with a LIVE person.

b.Make sure to call the White House BEFORE the Comment Line CLOSES at 5:00pm EST.

Be Aware: when you call your Congressional offices and the White House the line might be busy because SO MANY health center advocates are calling. Keep calling until you get through!

We’ll  be posting frequent updates on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, so be sure to check back for more information in the coming days and weeks.

UPDATE: We’re getting lots of real people answering our calls. Here’s some suggested changes to the above script, so it’s a little more natural.

I’m calling to ask that ________________________ support Community Health Centers as he negotiates Medicaid changes and the federal budget. Community Health Centers are saving lives and saving dollars. We need them!


Please support Community Health Centers during the negotiation of Medicaid Changes and the federal budget. Community Health Centers save lives and save dollars. Please don’t let Medicaid  and budget negotiations hurt community health centers. We need them!


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