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UPDATE: Dental Contracts Program Suspended

December 27, 2011
Because of some possible state-wide cuts that would specifically effect our dental contracts program, The Lakes has suspended the program until further notice.
For Current Patients of the Dental Contracts Program
  • Current patients of the program who have seen the contracted dentist will continue care as Lakes’ patients and will see a dentist at our clinic in Ashland.
  • Current patients will receive a phone call or letter from Jess Fairbanks, Dental Services Coordinator, with more information in the next few weeks.
  • Current patients should also expect to hear back from The Lakes by March, 2012, with more information about the suspension. We hope that by then, we will know if the program suspension will continue or if the program will end.
If you are a new patient in need dental care please contact Jess Fairbanks at 1-888-834-4551. She may be able to help you find care at other clinics in the area.
And as always, if you are an adult with a dental emergency, please call us to see about getting in to our clinic in Ashland. Again, that number is 1-888-834-4551.

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