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The Board of Directors was formally established on May 7th, 2008 and is made up of at least 51% of CHC patients.

Current Board Members

  • Carol Anderson (Iron River), Regional Clinic Manager, Duluth Clinic-Ashland
  • Christine Austin* (Iron River), Registered Nurse, retired
  • Susan Davis (Delta), Special Ed Teacher, retired
  • Patty Deragon-Navarro (Red Cliff), Red Cliff Clinic Director; (Carolyn Gouge [Red Cliff], Proxy)
  • Rick Dowd (Ashland), Professor of Chemistry, Northland College
  • Peggy Hipsher* (Tripp), Owner, Hipsher Forest Products
  • John Joseph* (Iron River), College Instructor, retired
  • Wendy Kloiber* (Ashland), Management Consultant
  • Jim Pedersen* (Iron River), Special Ed Teacher, retired
  • Ruth Ritter* (Ashland), Social Worker, retired
  • Fred Schlichting (Cornucopia), Superintendent
  • Dr. John Schrock* (Brule), Physician, Duluth Clinic
  • Jane Snilsberg* (Iron River), Health and Human Services, retired
  • Mary Wichita (Mason), Educator/Career Counselor, retired

* Denotes Health Center Patient & (City) Denotes Hometown

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