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Our Mission

To respond to our community’s health care needs with an integrated array of services.

Our Vision

Everyone will have the resources they need to enhance their health and well-being.

Our Values

  • Quality: We offer patient-focused, evidence-based health care.
  • Collaboration: We accomplish more when we share resources.
  • Advocacy: We help people overcome barriers to care.
  • Dignity: We respect and affirm individual perspectives, needs and experiences.
  • Trust: We foster an atmosphere in which all people feel welcomed and safe.
  • Innovation: We are creative and proactive. We are always learning.
  • Responsibility: We manage our resources for maximum impact and sustainability.

Our Goals

  • Empower patients
  • Offer a health care home with medical, dental and mental health services
  • Work with community partners to address health care needs
  • Grow responsibly and strategically
  • Be visible and accessible
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